How Acnezine Cures All Types Of Acne

One of the biggest issues that most people deal with when it comes to skin problems are acne breakouts. There are actually different types of acne lesions that can infiltrate ones skin. Acne lesions are caused by changes in the body tissues due to physical injuries or because of a disease. There are lesions found internally and some are external. Internal lesions include lung cancer, cirrhosis of the liver and atherosclerosis in the blood vessels. External lesions include psoriatic plaque, skin cancer and acne.

Lesions results from comedones which includes white heads, cysts, nodules and blackheads. Comedones are formed when a sebaceous follicle becomes congested with oil, dead sebaceous follicle cells, small hairs and bacteria. Comedones can only be extracted by a professional dermatologist to avoid serious skin damage and further infection.

Another type of lesion is what they call papules. It is found elevated in the skin surface. This lesion occurs when a localized cellular responds to acne. These papules feel like sand paper when touched.

There is also the pustule which is described as a fragile dome shaped lesion filled with pus which is made of white blood cells, dead skin cells and bacteria.

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Nodules are also similar to pustules because they are solid, dome- shaped but sometimes are irregular in shape. Nodules are inflamed lesions and they extend deeply into the skin which damages tissues that result to scars.

Last but not the least, cysts are considered as a sac like lesions filled with liquid or semi liquid matter composed of water, white blood cells, dead cells and bacteria. They are definitely larger than pustules and like nodules they are inflamed. Since they extend deeply into the skin, they also cause scar formation.

One of the well known acne treatment that has the ability to cure all types of acne lesions is Acnezine by Revitol. It is an effective antioxidant and it regulates sebaceous glands which then controls the oil emission and therefore hindering the formation of acne enduringly.

Acnezine are made in two forms: pill form and acne cream solution. These two types play the same role. They cleanse the skin from underneath the surface attacking the root problem. It uses herbs and antioxidants that are completely safe and harmless. These antioxidants are responsible for the elimination of free radicals which produces pimples. Revitol Acnezine even reduces inflammation and prevents the possibility of scarring.

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To better understand how it works; when our liver is overworked there will be an imbalance of hormones. This then will produce high levels of androgen that produces sebum or oil. Clogging of pores begins and acnes break out. Acnezine controls the androgen levels in our system helping the liver to cope with the load.

The best thing to do though to avoid and remove acne is to get rid of the toxins in our body. This can be achieved by Acnezine. But you should definitely live a healthier lifestyle and refrain from food that can produce more toxins. You have to maintain good and healthy water level in the body, and eat healthy food. All these should be done even with the use of Acnezine, to avoid recurrence.


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